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Our Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology is the perfect addition to fitness centers and personal trainers seeking to grow through proven, high-performance solutions.

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1st FDA-cleared technology of its kind

FDA-Cleared Fitness Technology Available To Trainers Like You

Professional grade E-Fit technology is now accessible for fitness clubs and personal trainers in the USA.

This highly in-demand method to achieve accelerated fitness results is now more efficient, affordable, and portable than ever!

*$0 Down, 100% Financing Options Available

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What Is E-Fit Technology?

E-Fit has been a leader in Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology since 2010. E-Fit stimulates the muscles through safe and enjoyable impulses, using its innovative Devices and whole-body Technical Wear.

These impulses cause highly-effective muscle contractions, while being easy on the joints, making one 20-minute E-Fit session superior to 90-minute regular workouts, saving hours of precious time. E-Fit makes fitness and beauty businesses safer, more efficient, and more profitable.

For 12+ years, E-Fit has been the most innovative and safest brand on the EMS market worldwide. Our patented Impulse Shift Technology (IST) produces the smoothest impulse feeling, making E-Fit devices the most adaptable for first-time users.

In just 20-minutes, you can get the equivalent of a 90-minute conventional full-body workout that engages >90% of the muscle fibers in your body. Your clients can save hours of precious time.

​Studies have shown the training to increase strength, endurance and agility in users, while decreasing back pain, body tension, and depression.

The electric impulses that serve as the basis for EMS technology actively engage each muscle group, resulting in tens of thousands of contractions within 20 minutes.

Full-Body EMS also allows for the training of compound movements such as golf or baseball swings, jumping, sprinting, dribbling, or everyday functional exercises.

​Medical studies have demonstrated that users have gained lean muscle mass, have improved physique and even increased bone density.

*$0 Down, 100% Financing Options Available

An All-Around Upgrade To Your Fitness Offerings

E-Fit’s Business Solutions offer you high returns on investment. You can access everything you need to build a professional E-Fit Studio.

Our highly-qualified experienced team contributes to the success of your fitness business by implementing and recommending proven approaches.

*$0 Down, 100% Financing Options Available

Features Of E-Fit Technology

Our technology takes Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) science beyond what used to be available, with a wearable “suit” that maps electrodes to each of your major muscle groups.

In just 20-minutes, you can get a full-body workout that engages >90% of the muscle fibers in your body.

E-Fit was the first full-body EMS cleared by the FDA in 2014, more than 4 years ahead of the competition, while our Infinity device was the first and only wireless EMS system to receive medical labeling in the EU.

​The E-Fit Infinity studio device can control up to 10 wireless EMS units at the same time, making unique group sessions available. Our special cycling wear isolates lower body muscles with twice as many electrodes.

We have the best hardware in the world, but we are also equipped to help you understand our technology fully so that you can begin generating revenue as quickly as possible.

Marketing an EMS business is different than a traditional fitness club. We offer a full marketing suite that will allow you to engage past and current clients, and get them excited about your new EMS offering.

*$0 Down, 100% Financing Options Available

Questions We Often Receive

Given that our technology is so ground-breaking, it’s natural that there would be a number of topics people wonder about. Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive:

Is this technology safe?

Absolutely! EMS fitness technology is being used every day by thousands of trainers around the world. Aside from very reasonable situations — pregnancy and heart conditions — the technology is safe for anyone looking for a high-performance, efficient workout.

Is this technology portable?

Yes! You can say goodbye to bulky, heavy equipment. An accelerated, full-body workout can be attained with equipment that can fit into a tote bag. Also, no complex installations nor setups are required.

Can it be used in home settings?

Absolutely! Our tech is easy to set up and run from anywhere. And because the technology is in charge of the bulk of the muscle stimulation, you don't really need more than a 8'x8' floor space for each user.

Can it be used simultaneously by multiple clients?

It sure can! One of our latest versions introduced the possibility to hold group sessions, where each person can be in sync, but at the same time the intensity can be graduated for each person's fitness level.

Group sessions allow you to maximize your revenue per session even beyond what has been recently possible!

Is this only for fit people?

No, our technology has been used by beginners as well as athletes. Trainers have the control to begin with the client wherever they are.

By the way, EMS is also usable even by seniors with decreased mobility.

Can overweight people use it?

Absolutely! People who typically can't jog nor jump too much will love the fact that they can work their muscles and burn calories through gentle body motions.

See The Tech In Action

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After a friendly talk with one of our E-Fit experts, we can schedule an in-person session so you can experience the power of full-body EMS in real-life.

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